Monday, 3 May 2010

English lessons at Carmen Conde

Investigating Teddies
Hi everyone! Bunnet has also been investigating about how English is taught at Carmen Conde School. The first thing he discovered is that our students of 1st year are following a bilingual syllabus. This means they learn some subjects (Science, Art and crafts, English and Physical Education) in English; to be more precise they have eleven hours of lessons in English every week. We are all very enthusiastic about this project!
The rest of the courses, from 2nd to 6th year, aren’t in the bilingual project and, consequently, have less hours of English exposure a week, three lessons. However we try to make the most of it!
Bunnet has met the English teachers in our school and he has visited our English Department where you can find lots of resources (books, tales, magazines, videos, dvds, posters, games, etc) including an interactive board.
Teddy also entered some classes in which he found out that our students enjoy English lessons a lot. We sing songs and chants, play games and say riddles and tongue twisters. We also read and tell stories, watch dvds and work with computers. We love to speak English and to learn about English traditions and way of life. That’s why we investigate different aspects of anglo-saxon culture. For example, in the third cycle we have recently made a mural about unique buildings in the United Kingdom such as the Big Ben. We have also investigated about healthy food, important cities and castles, among other things. We use all the murals to decorate the classrooms and the walls in the corridors so that everybody can see our pupils’ great work.
Besides, next month we will be celebrating the English Week which will be focused on London city. We are already looking forward to it!
Here you have some photos of Bunnet around our school.

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  1. Wow! That is really impressive. We learn French at Mid Calder Primary, but only words and phrases. We could never have whole lessons in French.
    One of our P7 pupils is from Colombia and can speak Spanish. We also have another partner school from the north of Spain, but they speak a Basque dialect.
    Perhaps when Huckeby arrives, he will be able to take part in English week. If you wish to find out anything about Scotland, please let us know and we can send information to you.