Saturday, 17 April 2010

Carlos investigates

Carlos has had a very busy few weeks investigating the role of the Deputy Head at Pulham Primary School.
4 children from Class 4 Georgia, Amelia, Seth and Ruairi thought of some questions to ask Mr. Carlyle about teaching and his job as Deputy Head and then they interviewed him. Here are the questions they asked and the answers Mr. Carlyle gave.

Can you give us one word to tell us about your job? Interesting.
How did you become a teacher? I have been a teacher for thirteen years and I have worked in lots of different schools. I came to Pulham two years ago from Diss Junior School.
What is it like being a Deputy Head and having a class? I am always very busy and sometimes it can be a bit tricky not just teaching but I really enjoy it.
Do you enjoy being a teacher? I love teaching because it is really fun and every day is different.
Are you a strict teacher? I tell people off when I have to but I have fun with my class too.
What time do you go home? Generally I go home at around five thirty. As I am Deputy Head I often have meetings to go to after school or jobs to do with the Headteacher. I also run clubs for the children after school some evenings too.
What subjects do you like teaching the best? I really enjoy teaching English and PE.

Thanks Mr. Carlyle for answering our questions!

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