Saturday, 17 April 2010

Carlos investigates

Over the last few weeks Carlos has been finding out about Art at Pulham Primary School.

Carlos has been going to lots of different classes over the last few weeks and seeing some of the activities we have been doing in art.

We have an art store where we keep all the equipment like paint, brushes, glue, glitter, material and Mrs. Read is the teacher who is in charge of Art so she likes to go around the classes and see the art work children have done, talk to them and the teachers about their work and sometimes she even gets the chance to watch some art lessons too. It is also her job to order materials that we like to use in art.

We sometimes have special events that use art for example we had an international World Book Day where each teacher chose a book from a different country and then children did some activities about them. Lots of the activities involved art for example in Class 3 children worked as a team to create a scene from the story of 'The Tiger Child'.

We often have displays of our work, including art up around the classroom and the school. Pictures of these to follow after the Easter holidays.

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