Thursday, 8 April 2010

Reward System at Carmen Conde school

Hello everyone! Bunnet has been investigating the reward system in our school and this is what he’s found out: In our school, every student starts the school year with a number of points that he/she can lose (12 points). In every class there is a register where any teacher can check the number of points of each pupil in that class. Any teacher can make the decision of substracting one, two or three points to a student. There are some rules students have to know in order not to lose points, such as no shouting or running in the corridors, respect the rest of students, walk on your right in the corridors or respect the teacher. All this rules are written in a poster in every class. If a student loses all his/her points, his/her teacher, together with the head team, will decide a punishment for him/her. On the contrary, if a student keeps all his/her points until the end of one term, he/she will get a price. Here you have some pictures.

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  1. Looks like Bunnet is learning a great deal about the reward system in your school.