Sunday, 27 June 2010

Summer sports

Last week we had really good weather in Alcorcón, so we decided to go to the park to play some summer sports with our P.E. teacher, Joaquín. Our teachers Laura and María helped us making up our faces. We had a lot of fun. We enjoyed the slide and played with the sand, frisbees,... But what we really like is playing football!! Here you have some pictures.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Famous Buildings in England

Bunnet also needed to find out about famous buildings in our country. Here are our ideas

Big Ben - London
Blackpool Tower
Framlingham Castle
The Gherkin - in London
St Paul's Cathedral
Norwich Castle
Great Dorset Steam Fair
Buckingham Palace
Norwich Cathedral
London Eye
Norwich City Football Stadium - Carrow Road
Millenium Stadium in Cardiff
Wembley Stadium
Portman Road - home to Ipswich Town Football Team
Wimbledon Tennis

Fun things to do in England - By Class 3 Pulham Primary School

Class 3 have spent the morning thinking of fun things to do in England.

As we are writing this, the children are sitting on the carpet sharing their ideas with Mrs. Brooks and she is typing them onto the blog!

Here are our ideas

Covent Garden in London
Legoland - Windsor
Diggerland in Blackpool
Bungay Swimming Pool
Goosetree - a little village in the North of England
Tyrell's Wood - this is very near to our school and we sometimes go there for school trips. We used twigs to make things!
Banham Zoo
Pleasurewood Hills
Odeon Cinema in Norwich
Cornwall - a beautiful place for a holiday with lovely scenery but quite a long way from us!
The London Eye
London Dungeons
Bungay - a market town
The Dinosaur Adventure Park
Pulham Market Park or Diss Park
Tower Bridge
Colchester Zoo

These places are all great fun. We are sure if you want to know more about them you could look on the internet!

Bunnet in Paris

Bunnet also had a holiday during his stay in Pulham. He was lucky enough to go to Paris and look around a different country with one of the boys in Class 3 and his family. He had a great time!

Pictures to follow soon!

Bunnet and the Cathedral

Bunnet has also been to Norwich Cathedral which you can see here in the background. It is a beautiful building.

Bunnet and Banham Zoo

Another place tourists might like to spend time at is on holiday in Pulham Market is Banham Zoo.

Bunnet had a lovely day and saw lots of animals.

Bunnet's challenges

Bunnet has been really enjoying his last few weeks in Pulham Market and has been finding out about the local area. As well as spending time in Pulham Market he has been visiting the nearby city of Norwich to find out about the activities people could do if they came on holiday here.
Bunnet enjoyed visiting Norwich City Football Club, unfortunately there hasn't been many matches on as the football season has finished here but he enjoyed looking around the ground.

Bunnet really enjoyed his visit to Norwich Castle. He enjoyed looking at all the different exhibitions and particularly liked the polar bear and lion exhibits.

He was lucky enough to go there on a trip too with Classes 3 and 4 to see a 'Beatles to Bowie' exhibition. This helped him with one of his other challenges, learning about famous musicians in the UK. More about his discoveries later!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Here you have two typical spanish 'tapas' you could enjoy in our country. Huckerby found cooking them quite easy!!

1. Jamón Ibérico (Iberico Ham):

This ham has to be cut in very thin slices, and it can be accompanied by a slice of bread with olive oil and fresh tomato.

2. Patatas Bravas (Brava Style Potatoes): Peel some potatoes and cut them in big pieces. Fry them in olive oil until they are soft inside but crunchy outside. Put salt and add the brava sauce (tomato sauce with chile).


Monday, 14 June 2010

TORTILLA DE PATATAS (Spanish omelette)

This time, Huckerby cooked a Spanish omelette with María.


- 4 potatoes (medium sized)

- 1 onion

-4 eggs

- Olive oil

- Salt

Peel the potatoes and the onion. Cut them all in small slices and fry them in a pan with a lot of olive oil. Add salt.

In a big bowl open and shake the eggs. Add the fried potatoes and onion.

Put the mixture in a pan with a little bit of oil. Fry that side of the omelette for a couple of minutes and turn it with the help of a big plate. Fry the other side of the omelette for 1 or 2 minutes. Enjoy it!!


Huckerby has been cooking with María. This is one of the two typical spanish recipes he tried.


-300 gr. of rice

- 250 gr. of clams

- 250 gr. of prawns

- 250 gr. of squid rings

- 1 litre of water

- 1 green peppers

- 2 tomatoes

- Salt

- Olive oil

- Saffron

Chop the tomatoes and the pepper and put them in a pan with some olive oil, and fry them for 5 minutes. Add the squid rings and fry all together for 5 more minutes..

Wash the clams and add them to the pan with the tomatoes, the peppers and the squid rings. Add the rice, some salt and saffron and fry it for 2 or 3 minutes, so that the rice gets all the flavour of the vegetables and the seafood.

In a different pan, we boil the prawns peels and heads. Add the broth you get and the peeled prawns to the mixture of rice, seafood and vegetables, and cook for 15 or 20 minutes. Yummy!!

Hey there! Teddy has also tasted some of our delicious Spanish desserts. Our fifth graders, Gema and Juan Carlos (in the photos), took him to their homes and prepared two fantastic dishes for him.
On the one hand, Gema cooked a superb Spanish Rice Pudding (Arroz con leche). On the other hand, Juan Carlos made him a very typical Spanish sweet called Spanish Bread Pudding (Torrijas). Here you have both recipes for you to try and make them at home, but REMEMBER always with the help of an ADULT.

4 to 6 servings
b Ingredients:
- Rice: 200 gr.( 7 oz)
- Milk: 1 and ½ litre (4 cups)
- Orange or lemon peel: 2 strips
- Cinnamon stick: 1
- salt: pinch
- sugar: 100 gr. ( 3.5 oz)

b Preparation:
1. Place the milk, rice, cinnamon stick, orange or lemon peel and salt in a medium saucepan.
2. Bring to a boil over medium heat. Immediately reduce heat to very low and simmer, stirring often and scraping bottom, for about 45 minutes.
3. Add the sugar and simmer for another 15 minutes. Stir often to keep from sticking to the bottom of the pot.
4. Remove from heat and put the lid on.
5. Adjust sugar to taste and serve hot or cold, sprinkling the top with some ground cinnamon.
6. Enjoy!
3- 4 servings
b Ingredients:
· Olive oil as needed
· 2 cups milk
· Pinch salt
· 1/2 cup sugar
· 2 eggs
· 2 large, very thick slices eggy bread, like brioche or challah, preferably stale, cut in half, or 4 smaller slices
· Cinnamon sugar
· Warmed maple syrup or honey (optional)

b Preparation
1. Pour olive oil to a depth of 1/2 inch in a broad, deep skillet over medium-high heat; bring it to a temperature of about 350 degrees. When ready, a small cube of bread dropped into oil will sink to bottom, then immediately rise to top.
2. Meanwhile, whisk together the milk, salt and sugar in a broad bowl. In a separate bowl, beat eggs.
3. When oil is ready, soak a piece of bread in milk, then dip in egg. Shake off excess liquid, then transfer to oil. Stand back, as it will spatter. Repeat with remaining bread.
4. Cook about a minute on each side, turning carefully; bread should be very crisp on edges.5. When done, transfer to a plate, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and serve immediately, with honey or maple syrup if you like.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Bon voyage, Carlos!

Primary 1 at Mid Calder have said farewell to Carlos and wish him a safe journey back to Spain. Let us know when you get home.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Carlos' Last Challenge

Mid Calder Primary has 13 classes, a music room and an ICT room. Carlos visited all the classes and had his photograph taken in each. He also went to see our Depute Head and Head Teacher.
This morning we sent a team of Primary 1 children round the infant department to take photographs of the children and their teachers.
Head Teacher- Mr Girdwood
Depute Head Teacher- Miss Macrae
Morning Nursery Class-30 children
Afternoon Nursery Class-28 children
Primary 1A in Mrs Clement’s class have 25 children and they are doing this challenge with Carlos.
In P1B-the teacher is Mrs Northam and she has 25 children in her class
Primary 2A - Mrs Murray’s class has 20 children in it.
Mrs Smith is the teacher of Primary 2B with 21 children in her Class.
Primary 3 has 29 children in it and the teacher is Mrs Tempany.
Primary 4/3 class Mr Brice-24 children
Primary 4 – Miss Cotter and Mrs Ghafoor-29 children
Primary 5 Mrs Wood/Mrs Beveridge -27 children
Primary 5 - Miss Dunsmore-26 children
Primary 6A-Miss Storrar-30 children
Primary 6B - Mrs Hendry- 30 children
Primary 7A - Miss Struthers-30 children
Primary 7 B-Mr Dickson-30 children
Music Teacher-Miss Cotter
ICT Teacher – Mrs Gordon
PE teacher-Mrs Mitchell
Support for Learning Teacher- Mrs McGonigal